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Coloured Clouds Parasols

After living and travelling in Asia for over ten years, Naomi was inspired by a love for funky vintage fabrics, cute Japanese style and the desire to keep cool and look chic! So Coloured Clouds Parasols were born!

Add a parasol to any outfit and stand out in a crowd....These little squares of shade have people commenting on their uniqueness left, right and centre! A perfect gift for any age group, young or old adore them, and they look just as good in the corner of a room. Wooden handles and tips give these hand crafted clouds the edge on other parasols. 

Behind the scenes...

Imported metal frames from Japan, hand carved wooden handles also from Japan. Vintage material is sourced from vintage shops in Australia. All these bits and pieces are sewn, stitched and lovingly hand crafted in Byron Bay, Australia.

Naomi is the imagination and skill behind Coloured Clouds. She brings the parasols back with her to the UK when she visits family, so no unnecessary packaging and shipping is used to get them from one side of the world to the other!