About Us

Buying and wearing vintage clothing is one of the hottest ways to recycle. An estimated 1-2 million tonnes of post-consumer textile waste per year are thrown away and end up in landfill sites. When opting for vintage you are playing an active part in reducing extreme comsumption and post-consumer textile waste by recycling and rejecting the concept of throw-away fashion.

We launched our online vintage boutique in September 2008 with a view to providing beautiful but affordable vintage clothing and accessories displayed clearly and simply, with detailed yet concise and accurate descriptions and measurements. A welcome relief for those who adore vintage yet either hate or have no time for rummaging through rails, shelves and boxes full of clothing.

Love Miss Daisy Vintage is simply a treasure chest of hand selected vintage beauties, from fabulous evening gowns, to classic day dresses, vintage skirts, vintage coats and jackets plus all things in between.

The beauty of vintage clothing is that it's built to last. Many items have already travelled thousands of miles and had several loving owners in their past. It is simply fascinating to wonder whose life each piece was a part of before it became a part of yours. Many of today’s fashions and designer collections are influenced by past decades and bygone eras. So, when classic and original items are still obtainable, invest in a piece of the inspiration and preserve a slice of fashion history.